Your email address sucks.


That’s blunt yes! ?
Don’t take it personal. Your email, it’s not so personal

Here is why.

Chances are that you have an email address. I’d put a wager on it.
I’d also put a larger wager down with the bookies that your current email address is with a free email service such as, Hotmail, Yahoo or G-mail.
Disadvantage #1 for you. Large advantage$ for them.

Every time you tell someone your email address you are building a brand for these companies. Simply by giving out your email address. To boot you are making them rich, stinking rich.

The simple fact is people and business want to do business with someone they can trust.
So if you are still sending out email representing your business with a free email service such as: or gmail this raises a flag to any potential client.

Stop this crazy process!

Here is what’s happening.

You give out your email address, online or offline to someone.

Now you need to read your email correct.

Where? At their website. Their Brand.

Once inside “their email” after all that’s what it is. Their email, their company, their ads, their Brand and big fat bank accounts. Not yours.

Moreover they generate large revenues from those advertisements that are in your face.
Oh yes, SPAM too. I will not even touch on spam, makes me heated. Plus with new “Anti-terror” laws, all your email data is monitored, tracked and recorded. What next!

Odds are also that your email address is not what you wanted or an exact personal email address such as, so you’ve probably added numbers or some other variation. Another disadvantage, especially if you consider someone trying to remember it or your brand.

I have nothing against companies making a profit, however in the dawn of the internet if you wanted an email address that is what you did. We all did. We went to hotmail or elsewhere. Nowadays email is a monster for these corporations and there is no need for you to feed the monster and the fat-cats wallet. This is 2015 and it’s time to shift your thinking and abandon the old ways. You have a choice, one that benefits you.

Do and begin this process!

Get your own personal email address and create your own identity. This also builds confidence with those who read your email, from your Brand!

Create One similar to mine which is, email

By having your own real “personal” email address the advantage goes to you, also an advantage for someone trying to remember your personal email address.

No advertisements in YOUR PERSONAL EMAIL ADDRESS either.

Nope, it’s true, it yours, your domain, your email address. Your ads on your domain if you want that too. I can help with this, free. More on that in a moment.

You can make, the possibilities are endless. Choose any name for your email addresses.

We register all of our Domain names at, Domain Registry Department for less than twelve bucks a year. Get your own domain name and personal email address today and stop building someones brand and making them wealthy. It’s crazy.

Here is how. Visit search and register your new name.
You will be able to create up to 100 email addresses at your new name.

Once you have registered your name send me an email or call the number below.

With your new email address and domain name you will get free cloud hosting for one full year. This is the real deal, no gimmicks. I will even show you for free how to make your domain display any ad you want. Perhaps an affiliate program you belong to already such as AVON, or anything you want to promote.

I am here ready to assist you any way possible.

When you succeed, I am pleased, and I succeed too.

I look forward to helping you.

Call me toll free in North America

1 (844) 762-6269

Derek Langhorn








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Your email address sucks


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