Transcendence Humans and AI


This week in my Domain Journal, the Future. Transcendence of the Human and AI merge!

I have always been intrigued with science. Especially if it has anything to do with time travel or AI. One particular area that has been always in the back of my mind is fusing humans and technology. In fact, I have dreamed of a day where humans become more robotic. Sounds crazy right.

Years ago, I even envisioned the entire process happen to me. First with robotic legs. Why not. These ones will wear out sooner than later. Later on, when the science gets more precise, and price comes down I’ll get pneumatic lungs and pneumatic heart. A tad crazier? I’m just getting warmed up. Smiles.

For those of you only interested in Domaining this does tie in with a domain name, I promise so please keep reading, or jump to the bottom to read the name I secured.

Back to my Body upgrades. Stainless steel blood vessels. No different than the fuel lines running around the inside of a motor vehicle, high end vehicle that is! Mine, my Future Vessel will house the fuel that makes me run in the future. Upgraded with stainless-steel-flexi-fuel-blood-vessel-lines. I’ll claim copyright to that now. Smiles again. You see the more parts me or you replace and upgrade the longer we too can run.

Am I talking about deep in the future hundreds of years form now. I do not think so. Perhaps in the next twenty years, thirty maximum. I have seen this in my minds eye for some twenty plus years now.

Even in the last few years of my studies regarding this exact quest I have seen this science progress.

A very good friend of mine was telling about this sci-fi movie he watched last night. When he told me the premise, I recalled a show with Joe Rogan I had seen about 2 years ago. It stuck with me as this show he did was right up my alley of thinking.

I have found that show, that originally aired on Cable. Here on YouTube.

100% worth the watch

The movie my friend mentioned is called Transcendence.
I absolutely love this movie and it gives me chills every time I watch it.

It’s Stars: Johnny Depp and Morgan Freeman.

Watch Trailer here:

Ok here is where the story gets very interesting.
After watching the movie Transcendence and my recalling the show Joe did I had to do more research. Get this. Since Bina48 was created a Foundation has been created to do just that, help bridge the two./p>
Short 7 mins video here

The Foundation is here:

I joined. Be warned, the boilerplate you must (agree to) in order to Join states.

“The purpose of this website is to test the Terasem Hypotheses that (1) a
conscious analog of a person may be created by combining sufficiently
detailed data about the person (“mindfile”) organized at this website
with future consciousness software (“mindware”), and (2) that such
conscious analog can be downloaded into a biological or
nanotechnological body to provide life experiences comparable to those
of typically birthed humans.”

Seriously. About Joining too.

Here is a link to their TOS

Well, I must say this after joining and looking at their software. It’s intelligent. No puny. By the way you can deiced to share your information (mindfile) that you create.

If you want the option for a Robot body etc, you can go that route too.

Will I take that path? Probably but not sure yet. I will play with the system and then figure that out later. It is my cup of Tea I must say tho!

For now, I am going to play and have fun.

Regarding the Domain name!

After digesting the new information I discovered I naturally had to buy a domain name.
After two days of thought and a good full day of searching for domain names related to this very topic. I came up with and registered the domain name

That’s another whole story in itself.

For now, to the Future,

Derek Langhorn


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