Domain name registration scam

Domain Renewal Scam?

You decide

This is a MUST READ for Anyone who owns a domain name.

A couple of days ago I got an email that looked like my domain name was going to expire.

You do not want to lose your domain name so when the renewal notice arrives, well that’s what you do.
You follow the link in your email from your Domain Registry Department and you renew your domain name.

This email (screenshot) below looks like the domain name is going to expire right away.

NOTE: The information in the orange area are the words “Final Reminder” plus  “Domain cancellation notice”

So naturally It appears that your domain name mentioned in the email is going to expire! Most may panic and think damn I better renew now without thinking about it.

This is not a domain name renewal. When you click on the link in the email it takes you to a for a very basic payment page for? Yes what is it for?

Again it looks like your domain is going to expire. It states a “Registration Period” for your domain name in BIG letters.

If you look close and take your time it is a registration period for SEO, not a domain name registration.

There are so many things wrong, deceitful and horrible with this email.

The worst case scenario for me would be the following.

Let’s say I did pay for what I thought was my renewal of an expiring domain. Now I go about my normal business. Next year my domain could potentially expire because I paid for this piece of trash.

Have you fallen prey to this scam. I pray you did not.

Do you feel this practice is acceptable?

This is very deceptive marketing and a Scam in my opinion aimed at anyone who owns a domain name, not just brokers.

I am afraid the average person and not a domain broker may fall for this.

I almost yanked out my credit card and payed. If I was rushed that day or not on my game I probably would have.

If you know anyone who owns a domain name, help spread the word and tweet this BOGUS-SCAM so no-one falls victim to it.

Thank you for taking time to read.

Derek Langhorn